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Ionized Turmeric™


Ultra-Rapid Onset Ionized Turmeric

• 750mg of Turmeric Extract
• Ionized using a revolutionary patent pending process
• Quick Absorption and maximum bioavailability
• Great for fighting Inflammation, maintaining Heart and Brain Health

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb. Now you can utilize it in your wellness routine to have have a rapid-onset effect and maximum bioavailability.

This product is truly water soluble and is evenly dispersed so it coats your digestive system. The result is rapid absorption by your body that will give you the quickest results of any Turmeric product on the market.


Take advantage of the bio-availability benefits of Ionized Turmeric. For thousands of years Turmeric has been used not only as a spice but also as a medicinal herb. There have been many benefits linked to its use including anti-inflammatory properties, healthy brain function, lowering of risk of heart disease and among many others an increase in the bodies antioxidant properties.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term ‘Water-solubilized’ or ‘Nano-emulsified’ from other companies? This isn’t the case with our Ionized Turmeric. By using revolutionary patent-pending technology, the molecules of the turmeric have been made truly water soluble in the way they actually dissolve in water. In addition to being water soluble, the dispersion of the ionized molecules allows for the turmeric to evenly-coat the surface of the bodies digestive system.

Each bottle contains 750mg of Turmeric Extract. The measured pump produces 5mg of Turmeric per squirt making this easily adaptable to your individual needs. Recommended use includes taking 3-6 pumps (15-30mg Turmeric) as needed or as part of your daily wellness routine.


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With new technologies comes hurdles. Testing is currently one of those hurdles. Because of the revolutionary new method of the ionization, accurate testing is not available. We’ll spare you the science but are happy to share this. We guarantee the product has the stated amount of Turmeric in it. The product starts with pure extract and is then ionized. Before this process the product is tested for potency to ensure the amount of turmeric we say is in there, is actually in there.

If you have specific questions or want to speak with us personally we are always happy to say hello and and answer any questions. We can be reached by either emailing [email protected] or call us at (866) 525-8872.